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Frequently Asked Questions

And Their Answers


What Can I Expect?

The way I approach counseling is I combine care and content.

With care, I genuinely listen, seek to understand, and show compassion. I am intentional to connect with my clients as people to help them to know they are not alone.

With content, people are usually looking for hope that things can get better and then receive help to actually improve them. The counsel I provide is rich in content that shows people a way forward that also serves to strengthen their walk with God.

What are Your Fees and How Do I Pay Them?

For members of Life Fellowship Church, the cost is $90 per hour.

For non-members of Life Fellowship Church, the cost ranges from $70 to  $95 per hour.

You can pay cash, check (made out to LIFE Felllowship Church), or pay online at the following link (it will take you to a LIFE Fellowship page):

* Fees can vary based upon on a number of factors so please do not let financial limitations keep you from seeking help.

Do You Take Insurance?

No, I do not. While I understand that isn't ideal, I do offer flexibility with fees to help make up the difference. Plus, not involving insurance gives me greater freedom in how I serve you. That is because insurance requires me to provide a mental health diagnosis and counseling interventions must be directed towards the diagnosis.

How Can I Donate?

I am very appreciative of those who donate to the ministry. Donations help me keep my rates lower than your average counselor. You can donate using the following link (will take you to a LIFE Fellowship page):

Do You Offer Virtual Appointments?

Yes, I do. While meeting in person is preferred, meeting virtually or over the phone is also available and effective. If you desire to meet virtually, let me know and I will give you the link to use for our sessions.

I Am Interested. What Do I Do?

I appreciate your interest. If you have any questions, please contact me through the chat box on the website, or by email (, or by phone (704-213-980). 

If you want to have a free 30-minute initial consult, contact me in the ways mentioned above and I will reply to arrange a time to do that.

If you are ready to proceed with counseling, contact me in the ways mentioned above and I will be in touch to get you on my calendar and will send you Intake Forms as well.

What is Distinctive about Biblical Counseling?

Biblical Counseling is an approach to counseling that approaches all of life - including people, the challenges they face, and the ways to overcome them - from a distinctly Christian perspective. Biblical Counseling is intentionally Christ-centered.

While relevant information from sources outside the Bible can be considered, that information will be considered from within a biblical framework.

Metaphor - If Biblical Counseling were a house, the house would be owned by God and explained by the Bible though psychology would be one of the rooms in the house.

How is Biblical Counseling different from Christian Counseling?

Christian Counseling is practiced by Christians with a clinical emphasis, though they normally operate within the secular mental health framework. While there is definitely some truth and value within the mental health framework, there are many aspects to it that run counter to the Bible. Further, while Christian counselors are generally open to discussing biblical ideas with their clients, it normally depends upon the client to request to do that. Thus, the biblical concepts are normally not essential to their counseling approaches. 

Metaphor - If Christian Counseling were a house, the house would be owned by psychology but the Bible would be a welcome guest once invited by the client.

What is Different about Grace Abounds Biblical Counseling?

What sets Grace Abounds apart from other counseling options are the following 4 things:

1) I truly seek to get to know my clients and I support them as well as I can. I am genuinely committed to their well-being.

2) I do more than listen and provide guidance, I help them clearly see and understand themselves, their situation, God, and His truth as well as how they can apply it in their situation.

3) I am very aware of how God designed people with purpose and I seek to help them discover it and then live it out.

4) I have an appreciation for how psychology fits within theology. You will receive biblical counsel from someone who appreciates the realities of mental health challenges.

Do You Do Anything Besides Counseling?

Yes. While the heavy majority of what I do is counseling, I am also available to teach classes and speak at events. If you are interested in having me speak or teach, contact me and we can make arrangements.

On What Topics Do You Speak?

I can come and speak on the following topics:

* Your Divine Design Defined

* The Power of Purpose for Impact in Apologetics and Discipleship

* Satisfied: How God Meets the Deepest Needs of Our Hearts

* What are We Worth? The Validity of Value

* Heart-Needs: The Essential Link Between God’s Existence and  Our Lifestyle Apologetic 

* Christ and CRT: A Christian Appraisal of Critical Race Theory

* A “Mentally” Healthy Approach to Christian/Biblical Counseling

* Redeeming Relationships 

* Discerning the Mental Health Paradigm

What Classes Do You Teach?

I offer the following classes:

* Your Divine Design Defined - A Class on Purpose 

* The Meaning of Life: How God Meets Our Deepest Needs

* God's Redemptive Story – A Detailed Look at the Gospel 

* Introduction to Christian Apologetics 

* Cultural Apologetics 

* The Book of Romans

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