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Mike has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family.  I started seeing Mike on an individual basis while going through rough times.  Mike was able to discern why I had certain thought processes and emotional responses - good and bad. He was able to get into the core reasons "why" I behaved, thought, and reacted the way I did. This was very important to me since other counselors I saw in the past could or would not.  But most important of all was that he was able to help me tremendously via Godly, biblical principles. Mike helped me gain more confidence in who I am in Jesus.

I came to Mike Kozlinski at a point in my life where I was on the edge of the pit, as David speaks of in Psalms. Dealing with a number of struggles, Mike continually sought to dig into the root of the issue instead of merely dealing with symptoms. I talked and Mike listened. We worked through a plan together to help me deal with the problems I was facing. His firm yet encouraging hand guided me to allow the Holy Spirit to speak truth into my life and bring healing. Mike’s use of counseling techniques as well as discipleship methods allowed me to work through several wounds that I had held onto for years. Setting action steps gave me accountability as well as goals to strive toward. During the time I spent with Mike, I truly became aware of who I am in Christ and who God created me to me. This ultimately changed many aspects of my life. I would not hesitate to go back to Mike if I ever felt the need to do so. I highly recommend FCDM to anyone who needs help.

Client "PN"

Client "WM"

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Mike helped me through the hardest time in my life when my wife’s bipolar disorder teamed up with postpartum depression leaving me with a very sick wife and a newborn to care for on top of a full-time job. His counsel was balanced, practical, biblical, and included wisdom in how to care for my family, how to care for myself and how to draw nearer to God. We covered the topics of biblical relationships, underlying issues of the heart, past sins and how to move forward in the future. My only regret is that I waited until a time of crisis for counseling. Anyone, regardless of their trials or stage in their walk with God, will benefit from the sound biblical counseling provided by Mike Kozlinski.

Client "GE"

Through discipleship counseling, I have learned that feeling out of sorts internally was causing me to seek order externally so I could have peace. I’d developed a performance-based way of living and relied on unhealthy means of coping with being emotional unsettled. I didn’t understand the relationship between God’s providence and the reality of living in a broken world as an imperfect person. Through the counseling, I realized that we are called to processes, not outcomes. Real freedom and real security come through knowing my relationship with God is intact. Thank you, Mike, for helping facilitate my walk with the Lord. His grace extends to every arena of my life and no matter what, He loves me. I cannot express with words my gratitude for your ministry and your care for me, but can only pray that the Lord continues to work in and through your ministry

Client "DO"

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Client "CN"

This is a great resource for churches in our area! I have personally been counseled by Mike and his advice is Biblical and practical.

Client "ES"

I can honestly say that one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me is the counseling and discipleship I have received from Mike Kozlinski. God has used it to completely transform my life.
It was my husband who originally reached out to Mike as he was concerned about my increasing anxiety and recent onset of panic attacks. He was also concerned about the costs of counseling, and rightly so, because we were in the middle of long season of periodic job losses due to lay-offs which led to ongoing financial hardship.
At our first meeting, Mike told me that for the duration of my counseling, he would work with us and accept payment as we were able. We were beyond grateful and overwhelmed at Mike’s commitment to helping me. I would not have been able to remain in counseling for very long without Mike’s flexibility with costs.
I spent a lengthy season meeting regularly with Mike, as it was needed to become stronger in the Lord and start healing from severe emotional wounds I had endured. We were able to address the reasons for my struggles and work through healthy God-honoring solutions. Also, counseling became my springboard for a richer, more intimate relationship with our Lord!
Each step of the way, Mike offered wisdom and thoughtful insight as I began to understand and face significant childhood emotional abuses that followed me into adulthood. This abuse caused me a great deal of pain, anxiety, guilt, self-doubt and has left me estranged from my parents who have no desire, despite my best efforts, to reconcile and have a relationship with me, my husband, and their precious grandchildren.
Mike taught me how to properly make decisions in light of Biblical truth, while keeping emotions in their rightful place. This has been life-changing for me! God is Sovereign, Good, and Faithful and He is using Mike Kozlinski and his ministry in a powerful way! I would recommend Mike to anyone.

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Client "FY"

I recently completed counseling with Mike Kozlinski and his ministry. Mike's counseling is grounded in biblical truth. For me, that was the key. Since Mike is Spirit-led, he was able to quickly navigate to the core of my challenges. Mike helped me to understand and apply God's grace, wisdom, and truth. Through counseling with Mike, God has changed me and he has changed my marriage. I am so very grateful. I highly recommend him.

Client "JS"

I could not find anything good to look forward to in my life. My children were grown and had families of their own, which kept them busy. I had no career per se and no goals there. I was unhappy in my marriage and felt guilty for feeling that way. Life seemed to be over. Not only that, even though I longed to be with my Savior, it seemed to me that spiritual growth always involved pain of some kind, though the pain was more emotional than physical. I just wanted life to be over. I was depressed.
After a few sessions with Mike Kozlinski of FCDM, I realized that i was not depressed as much as I was oppressed. I had been listening to lies such as, 'I have the right to be happy', 'I would be happier if my husband tried harder to make me happy', and 'I don't really have anybody I can trust so I can't talk to anyone because, if I do, they won't like me anymore.'
Once I realized that I had the choice not to believe these lies, a huge weight lifted off of me. I realized I had a Savior Who wants me to know that I am loved and cared for by Him. He desires for me to devote myself to my relationship with Him. I began learning more about His love and how to love Him back. I began to walk closely with my Savior, Creator, King and Father.
I have not felt that weight for months now as I live free. I am excited to see what God is doing in my life. I can see God's purposes for me: to worship Him and participate in the life He has planned for me committed to His work. That He allows me to work with Him to fulfill His plan is amazing!
I am so grateful to Mike and First Cause Discipleship Ministries. God used him to save me from a life that was empty of life. It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me! Amazing!

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The class helped me see that the LORD and my relationship with Him has to be my focus, first and foremost and always!  Thankfully, the burden I have been carrying to change a friend for the better is off my shoulders, and I am at peace with where she is.  I continue to weep for her and to pray that the Holy Spirit will burn the dross out of her heart and soul and mind with His purifying fire, and perhaps He will use me to help bring her to peace and joy and rest.  But for now, THANK YOU, LORD, for renewing my desire for You! And Mike, thanks again for such a great class!

Harold J. Hansen, MAA - I have taught many classes both professionally and as a Bible / apologetics teacher for many years. After observing Mike teach, I consider him to be a true professional and “Master Teacher”. He was knowledgeable of the subject, had prepared the delivery, used various methods to engage the class, encouraged discussion and educated the audience … myself included. Mike Kozlinski has my unqualified endorsement as a teacher/trainer and as a knowledgeable Bible scholar.


Harold J. Hansen, MAA

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